Novelty Powders, What are they?

I have noticed a recent trend growing lately, with novelty powders. These products may be called by other names as well, including; novelty collector items, watch cleaner, jewelry cleaner, plant food, and probably the most common is/was bath salts.

Although these types of products were made illegal in most states, just like other synthetic products and their counterparts synthetic marijuana they have reemerged slightly altered to get around certain bans and regulations.

These products have been known to increase heart rate and be addicting as well when used the wrong way. Mostly used to produce an energy feeling. Have no known to cause sleeplessness as well. Most bad a negative stories surrounding these types of products involve people who have an “addicting personally”, and who overdue things, whether drugs or something as simple as shopping.

Pump It Powder

Pump-It Powder

Brand names of these products range from Role-X, Eight BallzPump It Powder, and Ivory    Wave. Certain brands have been known to provide “better results” some user claim.  They also noted that some may have added filler such as caffeine or sugar.


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